​Frequently Asked Questions About Fresh Griffith

What are some common questions regarding self service?

216 E Ridge Rd – next to Aurelio’s and across from Wendy’s

We open every day at 6am

Our doors lock at 10pm and the staff leaves when the last customer is finished with their laundry.

Yes! We’ll wash, dry, and neatly fold your clothes starting from $1.40/lb. You’ll receive a text within 24 hours once your order is ready for pickup.

We’ve got a huge private lot and, yes, you can take the laundry carts out to your car to easily load and unload your laundry.

Yes! We are a quarter-free laundromat. Our easy-to-use payment system accepts cash, credit, and debit. If you have questions, our attendants are always here to help!

What are some common questions regarding wash and fold?

All wash and fold orders must be paid with credit or debit at the time of drop off. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express. For the safety of our team members, they do not handle any cash.

No, we stick to what we’re good at, and for us, that’s laundry.

We reimburse you for any damage and issue a $15 credit toward your next drop off order.

It’s rare but mistakes do happen. All orders are sorted in an area with video monitoring. We will confirm that the item in question was in your bag when you dropped it off. If we cannot recover a lost item we’ll reimburse you and issue a $15 credit toward your next drop off order.

Yes, absolutely! We do our best to accommodate all special requests. Cold water, low heat, fragrance-free soap? You name it. Please talk to the attendant when you are dropping off.