​Fresh Griffith Reviews & Testimonials

Wow! Just a new level of service and by far the best laundromat I have ever come across.
Oscar V.
The nicest laundromat I’ve ever been in. So clean. So many washers and dryers available. The customer service was amazing.
Liset A.
Very clean with new washers and dryers. A very nice atmosphere. Staff is friendly and helpful and is ALWAYS CLEANING.
Serenity B.
Me and my husband love going to this Laundromat because it's so peaceful and clean and all the wash machines and dryers are clean and working well
Trinna P.
My new favorite place to wash!! Friendly staff, very spacious.
Roxana B.
This is less of a laundromat and more of a wonderful washing experience! I can’t express how nice and pleasant this place is.
Christian W.
Very clean. The biggest washer I’ve seen is here and makes washing comforters very easy.
Tiara V.