How Does a Drop Off Laundry Service Work?

March 10, 2022

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How Does a Drop Off Laundry Service Work?

Whether this is a one time treat yourself service or the start of never having to match another sock again, we'll break down everything you need to know before you drop off your laundry at Fresh.


The Weigh In

Many first time customers bring their laundry in baskets, hampers, or even trash bags. Bring it in whatever is easiest for you to carry. When you arrive, one of our team members will transfer your order into our in-house laundry bags.


Next our team will set up your customer profile in our computer. They'll walk you through our service options and save your preferences and special requests to your account. We'll load all of your clothes on the scale, provide a total, and take your credit card payment. All of our drop off orders have to be paid for at the time of drop off. Many of our regulars choose to securely keep a credit card on file to make future drop offs even faster.



We sort, check pockets, and spot treat stains. Our Premium and Deluxe standard service includes Gain detergent, color safe bleach, and Gain softener. You can choose hypoallergenic All Free and Clear for no additional charge.


Unique to Fresh is our sanitizing Ozone wash technology that comes standard with every order. Ozone is a powerful all-natural sanitizer that is CDC approved to kill viruses, bacteria, mold, mildew, and fungus. Your clothes will be brighter, softer, and sanitized. The same technology used at high end hotels and medical facilities is now available to you. Free and only at Fresh.




All orders are dried on low unless otherwise requested. Your clothes are promptly removed from the dryers once the cycle completes. This ensures a wrinkle free finish.




Fold or Hang

We perfectly fold and neatly package all items. You can request to have collared shirts, hoodies, jeans, and slacks put on hangers for an additional flat fee per order.


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Ready for Pickup

You'll receive a text message when your order is ready for pickup. We are open everyday from 6AM to 10PM. You can pickup or drop off your wash and fold order anytime within that window.


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