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Commercial Laundry, Linen, and Towel Cleaning Services for Businesses near Griffth

Do you own a business that has piles of dirty laundry? Then it's time to contact us about our commercial laundry service. We want to give you more time with your business and less time handling the dirty laundry. That's our job!

Price is determined by on how often you require our service, what type of laundry it is, and how much laundry you generate. Call for a bid: 219-595-0095 or email:

Commercial Laundry and Linen Service for Airbnb, VRBO, HomeAway, and Long Term Rentals

When owning an Airbnb or VRBO, you spend a lot of time washing sheets, blankets, and towels. Let us handle all your linen cleaning. We will pick up all of your dirty laundry and you will get back fresh-smelling laundry that your customers will appreciate.

Commercial Laundry Service for Medical Offices

Never have a dirty lab coat again! Let Fresh handle all of your medical sheets, towels, lab coats, and blankets. We are the only laundry service that uses a sanitizing Ozone wash technology. Ozone is more powerful than bleach and hot water and CDC certified to kill viruses, bacteria, mold, and fungus. We will leave the medicine to you and you leave the dirty laundry to us!

Commercial Laundry Service for Massage Therapy Offices

When a customer walks through your doors, they are ready for a relaxing massage. Part of that experience is the soft linens that they come in contact with. While you focus on the customer's massage, let us focus on the clean linens. You will never run out of clean sheets, blankets, towels and robes for your customers when you use our commercial laundry services.

Commercial Laundry Service for Spas

Everyone enjoys a day at the spa! Fresh smelling sheets, blankets, towels, and robes are just one of the things your customers expect when they walk through your doors. Let us handle that for you. We can also help you with uniforms.

Commercial Laundry Service for Restaurants and Bars

Restaurants and bars use many towels a day to keep their business' clean for their customers. Try our towel cleaning service and never run out of clean towels. We can also wash, dry and fold all your linen napkins, table clothes, uniforms and aprons.